Hans Sturm

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A Day In Paris
Hans Sturm
Tom Larson
Sylvain Rabbath

This bass & piano duo CD features original pieces by me and Tom Larson in addition to the Rabbath Concert #2 with an improvised cadenza. The recording was made in a single day at Studio Davout.

”Being the consummate bass player of this time, Sturm will have you guessing whether this is classical, instrumental, jazz or what--but you will like it because it's loaded with beauty, chops and tons of heart. The kind of ear opening stuff that's needed every so often to cleanse the palette, this is unabashed art of the highest order that is not only artful, it's full of the kind of art that'll scare off hipsters and poseurs leaving everyone else to enjoy it as it was meant to be.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review

”This collection of work, representing a broad range of influences, is more closely aligned with the Third Stream — a hybrid of jazz and classical music. The first track, Still, features an elegantly through-composed melody showcasing Sturm’s vocal-like bowing, phrases eloquently played with a sense of improvisatory freedom. On François Rabbath’s Concerto No. 2 Sturm shows off his virtuosic capabilities and sense of musical freedom — moving phrases, a broad range of tones with the bow and a lively spirit throughout. The overall mix on the disc is excellent, capturing the full range of Sturm’s sound.”

Danny Ziemann, Bass World: The Magazine of the International Society of Bassists

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